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Random Bits of Information

**New ** Free Business Listings

Are your business listed on the free directory sites?

Call me if you need help setting up your  accounts.  416.859.5865


Parking at the Old Mill in Toronto. There is a parking lot on Old Mill Road at the bottom of the hill just before you cross the Humber River. Two hours of parking for $2.00. Date – Sept 4, 2013.

Yellow Jackets

When picking up apples off the ground always check for yellow jackets.


Good presentations can be fantastic when everything works. Always check / Test audio visual equipment before a presentation, especially if you are using your own computer or microphone. Best rule – keep it simple. ( something that Terry Holdershaw spoke about at an EOPC lunch)

Growing Contacts

Add local business to your mailing lists. Today, I added a Realtor, a landscaper and a roofing company. They sent me promotional material in the mail, now they will receive my next newsletter. I’ve added a separate tag to these contacts in Nimble – my CRM for Mail.


I use Pinterest to pin articles that I like and I want to read or share again. It’s a very useful tool, and it compliments my other social media. I can easily reference articles back to my website. Check out my boards.

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