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Be prepared all the time.

When you are self-employed, you never know when you are going to meet your next customer – so always be ready.

I knew this, but yesterday I experienced it.

I bought a Groupon deal a few months ago for three custom tailored shirts from Lloyd & Company. I booked my appointment and I went to it yesterday at 3:00pm. Since I was working from home and I did not have any other booked appointments, I wore shorts and a golf shirt.

Was my appearance professional? Like a consulting CMA?

Appearance matters

Port Credit, photo by Tracey Parnell

I spent half an hour looking at fabrics and asking questions about the business. In total, I was there for one hour and my three shirts will arrive at my house in four weeks, made to measure with my initials on the cuff. So don’t try to steal the package unless your initials are DRR.

While I was there, I did an informal financial checkup with my standard chain of questions. (If you want to know more about the final product, check back for a future post – I will let you know.)

I now know a fair bit about the custom shirt business:
target customers
POS provider
bookkeeping system

Why does my appearance matter in this case?

Does appearance matter

Having fun on my photo shoot in Port Credit

As a consulting CMA, who is offering a financial checkup to entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses, Lloyd’s is a potential client. In today’s business world appearance conveys confidence. Will Lloyd be a future client? Maybe. I was professional and I gave him a business card and I will definitely follow up on our discussion.

Did my appearance help sell me? No. But next time… I will be wearing one of their shirts with a jacket and pants.

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