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Appearance Matters – Part 2

A different type of hockey stitches.

This year is my 22nd year refereeing hockey and over time, various pieces of equipment need replacing. I recently purchased a new pair of referee pants that needed to be helmed.

Before a recent one of my games, I borrowed a needle and black thread from my neighbour. Usually I’m borrowing power tools, the ladder, or a wheelbarrow but it was easier than searching my own house. It took me three tries to thread the needle, and about 20 minutes to helm my pants.

Considering I still remember the lesson from my Grade 7 family studies class, it wasn’t too bad of a job .

Like any professional, appearance matters. Though I’m at the Mastercard Centre and not the Air Canada Centre, I get paid. I am supervised and evaluated on the quality of my job on the ice and my appearance. Little things matter; clean white laces and pants that are the right length are two examples of points on the evaluation form.

Just like in any other workplace, you can portray confidence and professionalism when you look the part. Whether or not you’re being evaluated, looking put together can instantly boost your confidence and add to a positive first impression.




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