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Donna Messer’s Power Team vs. The A Team

In the 80’s we had the “A Team”, a four-member team of specialists who you called when you needed a solution to a problem. Today, we have the Power Team, preparing to solve challenges for companies whether they are IT, marketing, security, accounting, training or coaching. We can provide the solutions.

After ten weeks we are becoming a cohesive group and we continue to learn more about each other every time we meet.

On Saturday, we met for a social evening and it was the best house party I have every attended. Everyone brought food, drinks and their want to be present.

The Moderator was just another guest.

The host enjoyed herself because we made ourselves at home right away. That night, Donna Messer was a member of the group, not the moderator. Everyone moved around the room from conversation to conversation. No agendas, just a group of people who are genuinely interested to getting to know more about each other and how we can help one another.

Extrovert at night.

That night I was an extrovert; energized by the room not drained because I was already comfortable with everyone in the room.

Cue Cards are for stranger.

At the end of the night the conversation cue cards were still in their holders. Props are for strangers, not trained team members.

We’ve crossed the line from networkers to building relationships and starting towards creating partnerships.

Do you want to learn more about our power team?

Contact Donna Messer at ConnectUs Canada.

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