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First Day of School – Did you Network?


Networking at your children’s school.

An opportunity to connect with 92 people.

First day back to school! Great memories of the crisp September air, the buzz and squeals of excited kids and so much potential for the school year ahead.

I was especially looking forward to it this year because as a self-employed financial professional , I have the flexibility to walk to school with my boys, ask questions, listen to answers and get to know the school staff and the parents of my sons’ friends. In my corporate life, I did what many parents do – drop the kids off at the front of the school with the parent volunteers in order to get to work on time.

The advantages of walking to school today were:

  • An opportunity for me to talk with other parents.
  • Exercise for us. ( and the dogs)
  • The kids were excited to see each other and less nervous about starting school.
  • Avoided crowded parking issues at the school.


Did you ever think that Back-to-School would provide an opportunity to connect with 92 people? Me either, until I did the math.

  • I have two boys, one starting grade 2 and one starting grade 4.
  • The grade 2 class has 23 students plus one teacher.
  • The grade 4 class has 22 students plus one teacher.
  • Each student has two parents or had two at one point.

Total possible contacts = 92

Now, I already know some of the parents; however, the majority of the parents are new to me. This made for some new introductions and business contacts.

Networking Principles at “Work”

How well do you know the people who come into contact with your children?

I suggest you spend at least one morning a week on the playground talking to parents while you watch to see which children are playing with your children.

Happy Networking.

Leave a comment about your first day back to school or other places that you network informally.


Thank you to Anne-Marie Brown for her editing help.

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