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Who do you know?

I finally get it, do you?

Buy products and services from people you know.

The walk to school this morning finally closed the deal after almost 7 years.

I always took my car to the dealership when it needed servicing until today. My car needed a new light bulb for the front headlight, a quick and easy job. After 6 years and 160,000 km price and service are the driving factors, not dealership bells and whistles.


Claude Merante at Super Shell Auto Service

  • He lives next door to one of our friends.
  • His daughter goes to the same school as my boys.
  • His daughter also went to the same daycare 6 years ago.
  • This morning I discovered he knows a lot about Subaru Forester.


On my way home from lunch I stopped by Claude’s shop, 30 minutes later I was driving home with a headlight that worked. ( I had to wait 10 minutes because he was out getting a part for another job.)


$20.00 including a $5.00 tip. You tip the waiter and your barber  / stylist, so why  not mechanic.

What do you need? and Who do you know?

If you need a good mechanic stop by and see Claude or may be call ahead if you are in a hurray.

Super Shell Auto Service

65 Shorncliffe Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5K3  416.259.7826
(South of Dundas St. W at Lockport)

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